Address: 30 Shelburne Road, Stamford, CT

Services: General Contracting

Construction Type: Healthcare – Hospital

Size: 1,200 sf

Contract: $500,000

Architect: Perkins Eastman

Project Description:

  • Project included the total demolition and renovation of two operating rooms on the second floor of Stamford Hospital.
  • Extensive infection control plan included temporary walls, egress doors, signage, negative air, and the use of scaffolding to create a temporary exterior stair to avoid conflict with other operating rooms that remained functional throughout construction process.
  • Work included new mechanical arms, medical gas lines, lighting, mechanical ventilation, and electrical service. The existing boom mounted operating lights were removed and refurbished.
  • Walls received corean wainscot and high strength epoxy paint.  New acrovyn doors were installed along with seamless vinyl flooring with an integral sanitary cove base.
  • Built-in stainless steel cabinets were included for material and equipment storage. The cabinets replaced antiquated x-ray rooms that had been used for storage prior to the renovation.
  • Extensive audio visual and computer data displays were incorporated into the designs.

Property Map