Address: 30 Shelburne Road, Stamford, CT

Services: General Contracting

Construction Type: Healthcare – Hospital

Size: 10,000 sf

Contract: $1,400,000

Architect: Perkins Eastman

Project Description:

  • Project included the construction of new facilities in the blood lab/pathology area to enlarge the space by 3,000 square feet and improve the work flow by renovating the existing space. The area was occupied throughout the project requiring careful logistical planning so as not to disrupt ongoing operations. Specific zones included reception and waiting area, conference room, procedure rooms, staff locker rooms, restrooms, offices, Histology lab, Cytology lab, and grossing station.
  • Work was done in five major phases with some minor phases to accommodate changes requested by Stamford Hospital. Work in the lab was done off hours with extensive protection to maintain clean room standards.
  • Challenges included determining how existing plumbing related to proposed plans, loading into basement area without disturbing ongoing operations of the hospital, changing the phases to accommodate the medical staff, maintaining the required level of cleanliness in the construction zones so as not to affect the operations of the lab and the patients.

Property Map