Address: 30 Shelburne Road, Stamford, CT

Services: Construction Management

Construction Type: Healthcare – Hospital

Size: 20,000 sf

Contract: $2,400,000

Architect: Vincent Babak Architects

Project Description:

  • First phase included south wing, elevator lobby, and chapel. Second phase completed north wing of floor.
  • Construction management services included: budgeting, value engineering, subcontractor bid and award, safety and logistical planning, pre-purchase program, scheduling, phasing and construction.

South Wing

  • Renovation of orthopedic recovery facility with focus on improvements to the 12 single and 12 double patient rooms and corridors with all new restrooms, new communication systems, flooring and ceilings.
  • Construction of a new nurse station and locker room to improve the efficiency of the doctors and nurses.
  • Development of a new therapy room to serve the facility so that patients did not need to leave the floor for therapy sessions.


  • Relocation of the front wall in the chapel to create a new IT room led to the complete renovation of the chapel with new finishes and art glass to allow light to enter the elevator lobby.

North Wing

  • Renovation of 12 single and 12 double rooms with first use of smart room technology (second in U.S.) to improve medical staff interaction with patients.
  • Construction of new nurse station, locker rooms, storage facilities, corridors, and patient restrooms – some modified for beriatric patients.

Property Map