Address: 111 Oenoke Ridge, New Canaan, CT

Services: Construction Management

Construction Type: Religious

Size: 12,000 sf

Contract: $1,500,000

Architect: Perkins Eastman

Engineer: Edwards & Zuck

Project Description:

  • Project included renovations to the sanctuary and the chapel including asbestos abatement, a new ceiling in the narthex, painting throughout and a refurbishment of the front entry doors.  Extensive measures taken to protect the organ, the reredos (choir screen) and the pews.
  • Roof replacement required the relocation and protection of existing plant materials, removal of the roofing down to concrete planks, relocation of existing electrical conduits between decking and sub-roof and installation of the new roof with minimal disruption to the grounds and interior.
  • Mechanical upgrades included the construction of a masonry enclosure and installation of new air conditioning equipment.  Additionally, a new glazing system was installed to reduce solar gains.
  • Installation of new custom designed, locally fabricated pendant light fixtures along with new audio system.  This work required the removal and relocation of the pews.

Property Map