“We gave them a seemingly impossible project and they rose to the challenge. They provided Sempra Energy Trading with state-of-the-art facilities in a timely manner.”

David MesserPresident, Sempra Energy Trading

Address: 58 Commerce Road, Stamford, CT

Services: Construction Management

Construction Type: Commercial – Financial

Size: Over 100,000 sf in multiple projects

Contract: $69,000,000

Architect: Roger Ferris + Partners

Project Description:

  • Long term relationship with Sempra Energy completing five major projects and over 30 smaller projects as they established and grew their business
    in Stamford.
  • 58 Commerce Road – Conversion of a 35,000 SF brick warehouse into a state of the art trading facility with a new entrance, partial curtain wall, tiered trading floor for over a 100 positions, raised floor throughout, pantry, conference facilities, HVAC redundancy, UPS, and generators. $13,700,000
  • Disaster Recovery Center – Development of a Disaster Recovery Center in Yonkers, initially 10,000 SF and later expanded to 23,000 SF. $3,500,000
  • 83 Harvard Avenue – Renovation of 20,000 SF office space on two floors for commodities trading.  Work included a new entrance, building façade upgrade with glass panels, 40 trading positions, and support facilities. $7,400,000
  • Parking Garage – Construction of a 285-space four level parking garage and connecting stair tower. $9,300,000
  • 58 Commerce Road – Construction of a 12,000 square foot second floor and extensive renovation of existing first floor.  Second floor was constructed over the existing structure with a five foot interstitial space and columns penetrating the first floor that remained fully operational during construction. Work included new escalator, expansion of first floor, pantries, conference facilities, two new communication rooms, extensive HVAC work, new UPS, and two 1000 Kw generators.  Rain screen siding was new to the United States market. $34,000,000

Property Map