Address: 18 High Ridge Road, Pound Ridge, NY

Services: General Contracting

Construction Type: Private Club

Size: 6,400 sf

Contract: $2,000,000

Architect: Lothrop Associates

Project Description:

Temporary Club House:

  • Provided the excavation for footings, foundation and utility hook ups as well as a deck and roof over hang for a pre-fabricated building that was purchased by the Owner.  Provided all related coordination between the prefabrication manufacturer and the concrete subcontractor.

Cart Barn:

  • New 4,000 square foot building for golf cart storage.  Installed code-required hydrogen sensor system that is tied into the HVAC system. The HVAC system was installed and programmed such that if the Hydrogen sensors went off it would exhaust the space immediately.  All electrical outlets, lighting and fire devices installed were spark resistant and exhaust fan motors were mounted on the exterior of the building.
  • The pump system takes water from the town and pumps it 450’ to underground retention tanks.  The fire retention system consists of two 15,000 gallon tanks and the potable water retention system was one 20,000 gallon tank.  In order to accommodate the tanks, extensive excavation was required due to the topography of the site location.

Course Bathroom:

  • Restroom facility built at the 9th hole of the golf course with no water supply.  Due to stringent EPA requirements a Bio-Sun Waste system was specified and installed.  This system decomposes waste without the use of water, chemicals or odors.

Property Map