Address: 8 Mansfield Avenue, Darien, CT

Services: Construction Management/General Contracting

Construction Type: Public Club

Size: 15,000 sf

Contract: $4,100,000

Architect: Culpin & Woods

Project Description:

  • The project consisted of remodeling and expansion of the main kitchen and administrative offices.
  • The existing kitchen and administrative office spaces were fully demolished and replaced in a new wood framed structure.
  • Temporary facilities were constructed to allow the use of an ancillary kitchen to maintain dining for the Club during construction of the new kitchen.
  • The project also included the installation of a new emergency generator.
  • The existing 4,800 sf staff house and garage were demolished and a new staff house and garage was constructed in a nearby location.
  • Improvements to certain access roadways and utility services included a new underground electric service, telephone, cable TV, electronic data and water service to the new staff house, the golf halfway house and paddle tennis courts.

Property Map